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Personal Chef & Catering Services

Experience the pinnacle of personalized dining with Carolina Edge Culinary Services. Led by the talented Chef Tracey, our team brings exceptional meals and memorable culinary events directly to you. Whether it’s an intimate dinner party or a grand celebration, expect nothing less than perfection!


Chef Tracey brings the creative edge to our culinary services, crafting mouth-watering meals and memorable catering experiences - all with her signature flair!





Whether it's dinner for 2 or dinner with friends & colleagues, we have you covered!




We provide full serice catering for weddings, corporate events, birthdays, and more!




 Designed for all ages, we teach culinary skills and basic to advanced cooking techniques!



Meals planned & prepped in advance and delivered ready to cook or already eat!

About Our Services

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Every service offered by Carolina Edge is built on a foundation of precision, expertise, and our commitment to 5-star customer service. Just as a well-honed blade ensures the perfect cut, our culinary services are crafted to deliver perfection, enhancing each creation with artistry and meticulous care. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party, sharpening your culinary skills, or streamlining your meal planning and prep, let Carolina Edge add a personal touch to your next dining experience!

Explore the diverse range of options we offer. From the elegance of our event catering to the engaging fun of our cooking classes, Carolina Edge ensures every culinary need is met with unparalleled skill and creativity. Call us today and discover how we can elevate your culinary adventures!


(704) 275-0245

Pesoal Chef

Transform your home dining experience with Chef Tracey, who brings the art of fine cuisine right to your kitchen. Ideal for intimate dinners, special family meals, or even lively gatherings, our personal chef service ensures each occasion is uniquely memorable. With Chef Tracey at the helm, enjoy a delightful menu tailored to your tastes and dietary preferences.

From sourcing the freshest ingredients to presenting a final dish that dazzles, every step is handled with expert care and precision. Indulge in the luxury of a restaurant-quality meal in the comfort of your own home, crafted with the sharpest skills and a personal touch that only Carolina Edge can provide.

Event Catering


From small gatherings to grand celebrations, our event catering service promises dishes as impressive as our cutting-edge knife skills. With menus customized for every event and flawless execution, we make every occasion a standout celebration.


  • Personalized Consultation

  • Custom Menu Design

  • Ingredient Sourcing

  • Event-Specific Logistics

  • Provision of Supplies

  • On-Site Food Preparation & Set Up

  • Elegant Presentation

  • Professional Service Staff

  • Clean-Up and Waste Management

Cooking Classes


Sharpen your culinary skills with Chef Tracey’s expert guidance and discover the joys of cooking at a whole new level. Our interactive cooking classes provide hands-on learning opportunities that range from mastering basic kitchen techniques to exploring advanced culinary concepts.


Whether you're a budding home cook or an aspiring chef, these classes are designed to enhance your confidence and competence in the kitchen. Chef Tracey's approachable teaching style ensures that participants of all age and skill levels can learn to handle a knife with the precision of a seasoned pro!


Meal Planning & Prep


For those aiming to streamline their eating habits without sacrificing quality, our meal planning and food prep services offer the ideal solution. Leveraging our expertise in precision and efficiency, we craft tailored weekly meal plans that balance health and taste.


Each plan features nutritious, flavorful dishes designed to simplify your life while delighting your palate. Whether you prefer your meals ready to cook or fully prepared, we ensure every dish meets our high standards of quality and convenience. Trust Carolina Edge to transform your dining routine with meals that are as enjoyable as they are easy to serve.

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