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About Carolina Edge


Reviving the Art of the Arrotino - A Journey of Appreciation and Craftsmanship

Step back in time to an era when neighborhood artisans brought their skills to doorsteps, infusing the community with a sense of craftsmanship and restoring the sharpness of blades. At Carolina Edge, we embrace the spirit of these traditions as we revive the artistry and precision of the Arrotino.

Founded in 2021 by Larry LaSalle, an artisan driven by a passion to revive old craftsmanship with modern techniques, Carolina Edge is a tribute to the time-honored tradition of the blade-sharpening artisan. With a deep appreciation for the heritage and wisdom of the craft, we combine ancestral knowledge with contemporary expertise to ensure that every blade we touch regains its true cutting potential.

At Carolina Edge, we are committed to reviving the artistry and precision of the Arrotino, one blade at a time. Let us guide you on a path that celebrates the art of sharpening and pays homage to our heritage!

Our Mission

At Carolina Edge, our mission is to honor the rich heritage of traditional craftsmanship while serving our community with exceptional service. Our goal is to continue the spirit of our ancestral artisans, channeling their expertise and dedication into every blade we sharpen. With a deep appreciation for the past and a commitment to the present, we merge time-honored techniques with modern innovations to deliver the highest quality results. Through our sharpening services, we aim to empower individuals, whether they are professional chefs or passionate home cooks, to elevate their culinary experiences and embrace the joy of working with finely sharpened blades.

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We invest in precision

At Carolina Edge, we are committed to delivering exceptional sharpening results through a perfect blend of time-honored techniques and modern craftsmanship. Our expert team breathes new life into even the dullest blades, using a meticulous combination of hand sharpening artistry and cutting-edge technologies. With tools like Tormek, Wicked Edge, Worksharp, and Twice As Sharp, we ensure that your blades are transformed into precision instruments that effortlessly glide through ingredients and materials with finesse.

Experience the Carolina Edge difference and let us sharpen your blades to perfection. Discover the transformative power of a well-sharpened edge and enjoy the pleasure of effortless cutting.

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16010 Loch Raven Rd.

Huntersville, NC 28078

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9:00am - 6:00pm EST 

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