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Sharpening Price List

At Carolina Edge, we specialize in revitalizing your edges and blades with our expert sharpening services. Using top-of-the-line sharpening tools including Tormek, Wicked Edge, Worksharp, Hiro-To and Twice As Sharp, we ensure exceptional precision and quality!

Convenient Sharpening Services for All

Bringing Precision Craftsmanship to Your Location!





We come to you!




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Your Premier Mobile Sharpening Service!

Getting your knives, scissors, and tools sharpened by Carolina Edge couldn't be easier!

On-Site Mobile Sharpening

Enjoy the ultimate convenience with our on-site sharpening service. Simply schedule a time that works for you and we'll come directly to your location.


Sharpening Kiosks

Secure and convenient drop-off locations with next-day pick-up! It is a contactless service, but we'll give your knives world-class treatment!


We invest in precision

With a meticulous blend of time-honored techniques and modern craftsmanship, our expert team at Carolina Edge breathes new life into even the dullest blades. We combine the artistry of hand sharpening with the precision of cutting-edge sharpening technologies, using industry-leading tools such as Tormek, Wicked Edge, Worksharp, and Twice As Sharp. The result? Blades that dance through ingredients, slice through materials with unparalleled finesse, and restore the joy of effortless cutting.

But our craft extends beyond sharpening blades. It is rooted in the connections we forge with our valued customers. We believe in the power of a well-sharpened knife to bring people together, to enrich lives, and to elevate everyday experiences. Whether you're a professional chef seeking the perfect edge for culinary mastery or a homeowner who values the joy of a finely sharpened tool, Carolina Edge is here to serve you with our unwavering commitment to excellence.

Professional Craftsmanship

On-Site Sharpening

Satisfaction Guaranteed

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